Frequently Asked Questions


Bellow, you will find the answers to most common questions we have answered. If you do not find the answer to your questions, you may contact us and we will be glad to answer it for you.


Q. Do you provide pick up from the airport, and if you do, what we have to do to be picked up?

A. Yes, do pick up from the airport. After you arrive, you can call us toll free at 877-404-0404 (option 1 for Los Angeles and option 6 for San Diego. After you call we will tell where to wait for our drivershuttle.


Q. Do you drop off at the airport?

A. For Los Angeles, Yes we do drop you off at the airport free of charge. After you return the vehicle, we will take you back to the airport. In San Diego, this service is no longer available and you may use Taxi cab for about $15.00


Q. How long does it take to be picked from the airport?

A. Depending on the airport traffic, it can be 10 minutes to 45 minutes.


Q. I see that you have you two kinds of office hours. Can you explain that to me?

A. Our Normal hours of operation for Los Angeles is: 8:00 AM to 7: PM on weekdays and 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Weekends. In San Diego, its 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday to Friday. We also have Extended hours of operation in which we extend our opration time to 11:00 PM 7 days a week. Extended hours are available for picking up a vehicle only. There is $55.00 after-hour fee to pick up a car during our extented hours. Also all arrangements for after-hour pick up must be made at least 24 hours before pick up time. There is no FEE for returing a vehicle after-hour.


Q. How can I reserve a vehicle?

A. You can reserve a vehicle online at


Q. How early should I reserve a vehicle?

A. You can reserve a car as early as the day you need the vehicle. However, the sooner the better. It’s better to reserve a car when you get your pick up and return dates.


Q. What do you need for reserving a vehicle?

A. We need the name of the person renting the vehicle, phone number, date of birth (or age) , pick up date and time, return date and time, the vehicle need to be reserved and finally in some cases credit card number and expiration date.


Q. What happens if my flight is delayed?

A. If you call us before hour normal closing hours and arrange for after-hour pick up with payment of after-hour fee, we will wait for you as late as our extended office hours (Until 11:00 PM ).


Q. Can I reserve a specific make and model vehicle?

A. Unfortunately, the answer is NO. We reserve the vehicles by size categories, not the make and model. However, we do our best to get you the model you prefer. In some cases we have only ONE model in a class we offer. If this is the case, then you can reserve the vehicle by model.


Q. Can I reserve a specific Color?

A. Again the answer is NO, but we do our best to get you the color you prefer.


Q. How do I cancel my reservation?

A. Please got to and cancel your reservation or send us an email to . We do not cancel reservations over the phone.


Q. Is there cancellation fee?

A. Higher amount of $25.00 or 10% of the total is the cancelation fee. The cancellation fee can be waived, if you cancel online at least 24 hours before pick up time.


Q. How about if I reserve a car and I just don’t show up to rent it?

A. Higher amount of $25.00 or 10% of the total will be charged as no-show fee.


Q. Why do you take my credit card information when reserving the vehicle?

A. That is only to guarantee your reservation and make sure you show up to pick up the vehicle. On busy times (special holidays, special conventions) almost all of our vehicles are reserved. Therefore, we want to reserve a vehicle for people who are definitely want to pick up the the vehicle.


Q. Do you authorize or charge the credit card at the time of reservation?

A. No, we do not authorize your credit card at the time of reservation.


Q. Can I change the credit card I used for reservation for another credit card at the time rental?

A. Yes you can.


Q. Do I have to have the full amount available on my credit card when reserving the vehicle?

A. No. However, you must have it available at the time of rental.You also need to have the deposit amount which is $350.00 extra for credit card and $250.00 extra for credit cards.


Q. What happens if you do not have vehicle I reserved?

A. In rare cases where we do not have the vehicle you reserved, we will upgrade you to a larger vehicle (or more expensive vehicle) for the same price.


Q. What are the qualifications for renting a vehicle?

A. The answer depends on the age of the driver and whether he/she caries a major credit card or not. For drivers with no credit card, please read our Cash Deposit or rentals with CK Cards details.


Q. How much do I have to have on my credit cards when renting the vehicle?

A. The minimum required is $350.00 plus the cost if the rental if you use cash or debit card and $250.00 plus the rental cost, if its a credit card.


Q. What about if I do not have that much available on my credit card?

A. You can try to see if can be qualified for cash-only rental or use ATM/Debit card. Otherwise, your reservation will be canceled and you will be refused the rental.


Q. I only need the vehicle for one day. Can I just pay for the rental amount and take the car?

A. Unfortunately, the answer is NO. We need to check if there is money on the credit card.


Q. Do you accept international driver license?

A. Yes we do (however, if you are under-21, we accept only US and Canadian driver licenses.)


Q. Do you rent with ATM CHK Cards (bank cards with Visa or Master Logo on it)?

A. Yes, we accept ck cards but MUST be used as ATM card only.


Q. What are the qualifications for renting a vehicle with Ck Cards?

A. 1.) Valid driver License.

     2.) Your ck cards with available funds.

     3.) Must be over the age of 21.


Q. How much do I have to have on my CK Cards when renting the vehicle?

A. The minimum required is based on the number of days you need the vehicle and the type of vehicle you are renting.


Q. Do you rent cars with Cash Deposit?

A. Yes, we do rent with Cash Deposit.


Q. What are the qualifications for renting a vehicle with Cash Deposit?

A. 1.) Valid driver License.

     2.) Minimum Deposit of $350.00 plus the rental cost.

     3.) Must be over the age of 21.

     4.) Second form of Government ID (passport, social security card, military card or etc.)

     5.) Proof of residence if you are local or proof of travel if you visit the city.

     6.) Additional documents may be needed.


Q. Is the cash deposit refundable?

A. The deposit will be refunded when the vehicle is returned. Assuming additional fees not added. For example extra time, excess miles, refueling fees and other fees listed on your rental agreement.


Q. Do you rent cars to under-21 drivers?

A. Yes, If qualified.


Q. What are the qualifications for renting a vehicle to under-21 drivers?

A. 1.) Valid Driver license.

     2.) Major credit card or ATM debit card. (if using debit card, second form of government id is required.

     3.) Proof of car insurance. Insurance may be purchased at the time of rental with extra fees.


Q. What do you mean by car insurance?

A. By car insurance, we mean the insurance you carry on your personal vehicle. The insurance must be transferable to the vehicle you are renting.


Q. I am under-21 and I do not have car insurance. Can I still rent a car?

A. Yes. You may rent a vehicle. However, cost of insurance may be higher for you than someone over the age of 21.


Q. I am under-21 and i have excellent driving records, but i do not have insurance. Would you make an exception and rent to me?

A. We may be able to purchase insurance for you at lower cost.


Q. How do I buy Insurance, if I am under-21?

A. Please add CDW and Liability insurance for age 18 to 20 wheh you make your reservation at


Q. I am under-21 and I am listed under my parent’s insurance policy. Can I still rent a car?

A. Yes, if it is acceptable with your insurance company. We need to verify your coverage to see if the coverage would extend to rental cars if you are the one renting the vehicle not your parents. This is not a problem with most insurance companies.


Q. I am under-21. Can an over-21 person rent a car and I be listed as additional driver?

A. Yes, but you still need to go through under-21 qualification process.


Q. Can you explain the charges and fees you have for renting a vehicle?

A. Yes. Following are the possible fees you may pay when renting vehicle. For complete list of fees, please read your rental agreement.

     1.) Base rates: this is the price of vehicle per day (24 hours) per week (7 days) or per month (28 days).

     2.) Tax: sales tax which currently is 7.75% in San Diego and 8.25% in Los Angeles . We do not charge tax we only collect it!

     3.) Under-age fee: 15.00 to 45.00 per day for under-21 drivers and 5.00 to 25.00 per day for 21 to 24 years-old drivers.

     4.) Liability Insurance: Optional coverage protecting you against damage to third party.

     5.) CDW: Optional Collision Damage Waiver which protects you from damages to rental vehicle or if the vehicle is stolen.

     6.) Fuel Charges: If you return the vehicle with less fuel than you took it with.

     7.) Extra Mileage: You pay extra mileage fees if you go over a certain number of miles that is free. Unless, your rate includes free unlimited mileage.